Monday, February 16, 2009

A few thoughts from the past few weeks

The last weeks have been pretty busy and life shows no signs of slowing down. Here are a few random thoughts from the past two weeks.

Nashville is Kid Friendly: I had some friends come into town for a convention and they brought along their three year old son. I never realized how kid friendly Nashville is. While they were here they got to visit the Martin ArtQuest Gallery at the Frist Center. ArtQuest is an interactive center where kids can learn about art. They can work with art educators and volunteers to create paintings, drawings, and other works of art and learn a little along the way. They also got to the Kids Zone at Nashville’s Main Public Library. The Kids Zone features some characters that sing, juggle, and read to the kids. It also offers a few puppet shows.

First Babysitting Experience: I had my first babysitting experience while my friends were in town. I watched their son while they went to a work event. It was much easier than I thought it would be. I took him for a tour of the condo and then we watched some Sesame Street. He ate a sandwich and played with his toys. Luckily, he didn’t have any accidents until right before mommy showed up.

Basements: I got invited to tag along to a house party in East Nashville. The party was held in a basement, probably the best basement I’ve ever been to. The family throwing the party was in the business of making costumes (elf ears, Klingon foreheads etc) so they had some wild stuff down there. The basement also had a great bar, a karaoke machine, and a old standup video game console (Prisoner of War) that had a computer installed with an emulator in it that allowed you to play any game you could imagine. The only thing that would have made this basement cooler was a foosball table.

South Louisiana: I love South Louisiana. I’d love to live there, but the job market is less than ideal for a man of my skill set. I do feel that I would fit in well there. South Louisianans enjoy many of the same things I do: Eating good food, having a big time, imbibing in one too many cocktails, fishing, good architecture, etc. I’m not saying I’m going to pack my bags and head there tomorrow, but I’m going to keep an eye on the scene down there a little closer than I have in the past.

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